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Quality HDPE Fabrication in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Australia’

If you’re looking at HDPE fabrication in Melbourne, the first thing you need to make sure is that it’s the right material for your project. HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is plastic that is extremely sturdy, durable and has a high density but is very lightweight. It is leakproof when fused to another HDPE piece because of the chemical reaction created. It is very flexible as well and better for the environment as well since it lasts for such a long time, doesn’t corrode and is chemical resistant. Since it is also non-toxic, it can be used safely in many environmentally sensitive areas.

When you want to find top quality HDPE fabrication in Australia for your business or industry, contact us at Solutions in Plastic. We offer a wide variety of products to suit your plastic needs. Our products come in a tube, sheet and rod stock and our top-quality machining means that we can deliver the product you need according to your specifications.

When you need HDPE fabrication in Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne

HDPE is widely used for engineering and industrial applications, but many everyday products found around the average home: food storage containers, bottle caps, cutting boards, folding chairs and tables, milk jugs, and plastic bags also contain HDPE. This is why HDPE fabrication in Australia is widely sort after.

Since it is so lightweight (6-8 times lighter than many metals pipes or fittings) it can be transported to and moved around a construction site or industry location, very quickly. This results in lower costs for material transportation. It’s very chemical resistant and waterproof and is abrasion resistant, so it’s perfect if you know it’s going to be constantly in contact with another surface. As a plastic, it’s ideal for use in several important industries such as transportation (particularly rail and train), any operation that requires safe storage of chemicals, food and beverage, and the marine sector. It’s also well-suited for packaging and signage, as well as for storage tanks and, as noted above, pipes. You can get HDPE fabrication in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane for all your needs.

HDPE fabrication for Australia

We offer excellent customer service when you’re looking for HDPE fabrication in Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. If you have a particular requirement or aren’t sure which of our plastic products would be the best one to use in your business or industry, just call. Our knowledgeable staff will talk with you and outline the best uses of all the plastics we fabricate and how we can create just the right one for your needs.

Our competitive pricing offers another advantage for your business. We sell, machine, and fabricate all plastics suitable for engineering projects. We also have modern machining capabilities which means that we can fulfil any requirement for any special order you may require. To eliminate contamination, all our plastics are milled and fabricated in our workshop by machinists who understand the importance of the precise fabrication of plastics. When you need HDPE fabrication in Melbourne, Brisbane, or Sydney of the highest quality, contact us today.