Power Transmission

Plastics for the Power Transmission Industry.

Solutions in Plastic fabricate plastics and machine plastic parts to service the needs of the PT (Power Transmission) industry.  The equipment often uses engineering plastics for it’s abrasion and wear resistance over traditional engineering materials such as steel and bronze.

UHMWPE is often used as chain guides and wear strips over traditional engineering materials, such as steel and bronze, due to its superior wear and abrasion properties. It can operate lubrication free, with lower friction, and doesn’t wear chains like steel and bronze.

Nylon is also a better solution for sprockets over steel and aluminium, as it reduces noise, has better wear life and also does wear the chain like steel and aluminium does. It is also self lubricating, allowing systems to run lube free, which reduces maintenance and is cleaner.


  • Lubrication free
  • Abrasion & wear resistance
  • Doesn’t wear chains
  • Clean (grease-less)
  • Low maintenance
  • Low noise


  • Chain guides
  • Drive sprockets
  • Gears
  • Wear strips
  • Conveyor components
  • Chain curves