Timber & Forestry

Plastics for the Timber & Forestry Industry

Solutions in Plastic fabricate plastics and machine plastic parts to service the needs of the timber and forestry industry.  The equipment often uses engineering plastics for it’s abrasion and wear resistance over traditional engineering materials such as steel and bronze.

Polycarbonate is often used as a clear fabricated machine guard, as it is 250 times tougher than glass and 40 times tougher than acrylic (perspex). We also make sight glasses and windows for timber mills, allowing operators to safely inspect equipment without shutting down equipment.

Self lubricating nylons allows for service free and lubrication free machined bearings, slides and wear strips, while custom moulded and fabricated polyurethane in a range of hardness’s are used for J-Bars and lugs that require extreme toughness.


  • Service free / eliminate grease / self lubricating
  • Wear & abrasion resistance
  • Tough / unbreakable
  • Minimise wear on counter faces
  • Low friction
  • See through / clear for inspections


  • Machine guards
  • J-Bars
  • Sorter bin sheaves / pulleys
  • Wear strips
  • Lugs
  • Pivot guides