Acetal / Polyacetal / Delrin Polyoxymethylene (POM)

Acetal (or Delrin) is a highly crystalline Thermoplastic that is available in a homopolymer and a copolymer.

As a plastic supplier, Solutions in Plastic offer both homopolymer and copolymer grades of Acetal/Delrin in rod and sheet and is one of the most machinable types of thermoplastics and therefore lends itself well to highly detailed applications with very tight tolerances.

Acetal/Delrin has good load bearing ability along with good wear properties making it the perfect material for most bearing or bush type applications, as well as pulleys, sheaves and rollers

Acetal/Delrin is available in sheet and rod stock shapes.


  • Great mechanical properties
  • Good load bearing ability
  • Good dimensional Stability
  • High Stiffness and Hardness
  • Food contact approved
  • Does not absorb moisture or water
  • Low stick – slip


  • Bearings
  • Bushes
  • Gears
  • Close tolerance parts
  • Electrical Insulators
  • Snap fit assembles
  • Hot water applications up to 90 deg C


  • Mining
  • Water Treatment
  • Food & Beverage
  • General Engineering
  • Packaging
  • Poultry
  • Fabrication