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Its common name is polyamide, but it’s better known as nylon. It’s a tough, versatile plastic that’s ideal for any project that is high impact, requires a material that can deal with a heavy load, and lots of wear over time. It has many uses in various industries especially as pulleys, conveyor decks, rollers, gears or sprockets, and bushes and bearings.

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Created by an American chemist named Wallace Carothers in 1935, while working at a DuPont research facility in Delaware nylon quickly became sought after. The demand for nylon grew significantly during the Second World War when rubber, silk and latex were in short supply.

Nylon can be found in several important applications and sees regular use as a replacement for metal bearings, which offers the advantages of being lighter, less noisy, with excellent abrasion resistance, removing the need for the regular application of a lubricant. As a highly machinable material, Nylon can be fitted to work in various situations and industries. One of its best features is that it can be combined with various additives to produce varieties of nylon with very different material properties.

Nylon parts and fittings can be found in use in the mining industry, at construction and building sites, at timber and forestry locations, and on trucks, rail and other vehicles used for transportation. It’s even found in many poultry operations. Around the home, you’ll find it in bottles and packaging, and it’s common in car engines due to its ability to withstand high temperatures.

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