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PVC is an amazingly useful plastic. However, if you are looking for PVC fabrication in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, you still have to make sure it’s the right material for your project. It can be used in construction since it’s more durable than wood or iron. It is chemical resistant and is very useful in the chemical industry. It’s moisture resistant and performs well in almost any temperature. Well-known for its use for pipes in plumbing, it is also common in everyday life for its use in reusable shopping bags, television components and water containers. Since it is machinable, robust and can be fabricated for use in many conditions, it is perfect for many industrial applications. More than 35 million tonnes of it is used globally every year.

PVC is also a replacement for many metal parts in a variety of businesses. If your company is interested in using PVC plastics as a cheaper, lightweight replacement for worn-out machine parts or your piping needs, contact Solutions in Plastics. We do some of the finest quality PVC fabrication in Australia.

Quality PVC fabrication in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney

We are experts in PVC, so when it comes to PVC fabrication in Australia, we know how to produce quality and durability in our PVC products. Extremely flexible, PVC is puncture and abrasion resistant. It is regularly used to replace metal pipes. Easy to install and durable, it is one of the most used plastics in Australia and around the world. You can also use glue with PVC, and it’s a perfect material for electrical insulation. Its resistance to chemical deterioration makes it an ideal material for a variety of industrial applications. Since it can be cut with a good knife, or a table-, circular or band saw, it can be shaped the same as wood. A medium sandpaper or good file can be used to smooth rough edges.

When creating PVC fittings for industry use, the manufacturer will use either an injection mould or manufacture a fabricated part. PVC fabrication in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne is especially useful for fittings over 12 inches (38.5 centimetres) in diameter. That’s because these accessories are usually much larger than moulding equipment. Fabrication of smaller fittings is also possible because their occasional use means it does not make economic sense to create a mould.

PVC Fabrication in Australia

When you require PVC fabrication in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, call us today. Australian-owned and operated, the quality of our work is second to none, and we pride ourselves on our customer service. We also offer competitive pricing on all our plastic products. Our advanced machinery includes spindle moulding and milling, routing, and Manual and CNC lathes.

Many industries use our products including mining, transport, packaging, food preparation and processing, power transmission and oil and gas to name a few. When you want to find the very best in PVC fabrication in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane or anywhere in Australia, call us today.