Bushes are usually a removable cylindrical lining for an opening (as of a mechanical part) used to limit the size of the opening, resist abrasion, or serve as a guide.

They can also be known as a bush or bushing.

Plastic bushes are used for many different industries including manufacturing, food processing, agriculture and medical. They are affordable and versatile and are sometimes referred to as bushings, top hat bushes or flanged bushes.

Nylon bushes are the most commonly available, however, plastic bushes can also be manufactured using Acetal or many other plastics uniquely suited to your application.

The team at Solutions in Plastic will customise bushes to meet your specific needs. We enjoy turning the humble nylon bushing, into your own unique product. To do so, we will require the internal and external diameter, height and dimensions if a flange is required.

Our bushes can be made using materials suitable for application in:

  • Electrically charged conditions
  • High temperature conditions, and
  • UV exposed environments


  • Can be used to limit the size of an opening
  • Can resist abrasion
  • Can serve as a guide
  • Affordable and versatile
  • Light weight


  • Gears
  • Fasteners
  • Flow meter components
  • Medical devices
  • Bearings
  • Wear Bands
  • Pump components


  • Manufacturing
  • Food Processing
  • Agriculture
  • Medical